A Shared Future

February 10, 2024

It happened. He proposed. It was perfectly beyond my imagination for a couple of reasons. Jason had recently broken his collar bone and lost a lot of skin in a road injury and just a few days thereafter, his younger brother unexpectedly passed away. We had discussed it and I told him that it was probably better to get past physical and emotional pain before we started our new life. Apparently he felt otherwise. He was staying with me so i could care for him due to his injuries and on the morning of our one year anniversary, he got up before sunrise, as we always do, but chose to don a beautiful white polo and white shorts for our normally “bummy attired” sunrise ritual. I followed suit. When we got to the beach where it all started for us one year earlier, I saw our talented friend Geoff. He was out with his drone. Not terribly unusual to run into a nature loving pal on any given sunrise but i was strongly feeling there was more to this. My beautiful friend Melina was visiting from Paris and she arrived, as planned, to meet us for sunrise before catching her flight for onward travel….so there was a lot going on…and just about the moment the big orange ball materialized from the horizon, i heard the buzz of the drone overhead and I knew with 100% certainty what was coming next. He dropped to one knee, even in his broken condition, and he told me why it had to be me and why he had chosen now, and…well, some things are best to lock away in our hearts…but it was generous and connected and profound. Clearly he had been paying a lot of attention to my desires. He pulled out a tiny gold band (another dream of mine-as comfy as part of my body and one i choose to never remove) and of course i said YES.


December 2023

That time 🎶the walls start shaking, & the earth was quaking🎶 & we begin to lay some groundwork for a shared future.

One minor detail is that I haven’t been asked yet, so bear that in mind, but if you’re a planner like me – make note of these dates for the #LoveLiftsUsUp World Wedding Tour:

Noosa April 4th 2024

Hideaway Island in Vanuatu April 6, 2024

Melbourne, Australia April 20, 2024

Los Angeles evening of June 7, 2024

Planet Jupiter, Fl at sunrise June 11, 2024 (This one is “iffy”. Don’t travel for it but if u are local i am going to TRY to make it happen. thank u. i love u.)